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Flox with Feesh!

Weekly Events with Wyvern Dryke

There is feeshing (which is flox-speak for "7seas fishing") almost every day of the week now! ;-)  Note about times: all are listed in "SLT" (which is the same as PST or Los Angeles time).

You can find the current "List of Custom Catches" in: Resources (look for "Feeshing" folder)


Feeshing @Mieville Poe
  • What: 7Seas fishing contest, dancing, fun
  • When: 6pm SLT
  • Where: Mieville Poe sim, Fishing Area:
  • Custom Catches: Steampunk fish and items.
  • Theme: Steampunk or Victorian (optional).
  • Restrictions: None. Open to all, especially kid avatars.


Feeshing @~Lantian~
  • What: 7Seas fishing contest, dancing, fun
  • When: 9pm SLT
  • Where: ~Lantian~ Fishing Area in Mieville Kipling sim, at Sea Level:
  • Custom Catches: Crystal fish and items, ~Lantian~ gift cards.
  • Theme: Scifi, Fantasy, or Steampunk (optional)
  • Restrictions: None. Open to all, except mean people.


- No Events -


Feeshing @Mieville Stevenson


- No Events -


Feeshing @Mieville Chesterton


Raven's Heart feeshing is suspended for now, while the landowner recovers from a serious bout of Real Life..... we will be holding events at Arcadia Asylum for a few weeks, in the meantime.

Feeshing @Arcadia Asylum in Mieville Wells

Feesh! Click to Feed.

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